Complete AliExpress Coupons Guide 2021: All You Need to know

In this AliExpress Coupons guide, you will know everything you need to know about AliExpress coupons. Where can you find them? How do they work? and many other frequently asking questions you might have.

What is an AliExpress coupon code and where can I find it?

An Aliexpress coupon code or any promo code is a sequence of numbers and/or letters that allows you to get a discount on your purchases. It can be used to benefit from free delivery or to have an additional item or service on your order. There are different promo codes for different uses such as: the referral link to benefit a friend or family member, the welcome coupon, the special discount code for an event, the exclusive promo code (which will be present mainly on

Your Aliexpress coupon code can thus offer you many advantages such as discounts, offers, free shipping, gifts or other good deals to discover.

To find an AliExpress coupon, you can go directly to the homepage of the site! You will find all the discounts of the moment! You can also find them by subscribing to the newsletter, on our page, on the mobile application or if a friend or family member gives you a referral link.

Find all Aliexpress promotions !

To find an AliExpress coupon, you can go directly to the homepage of the site! You will find all the discounts of the moment!

How to use an AliExpress coupon code?

Often, you will realize that it is almost impossible to buy from this brand without using an Aliexpress coupon because there are so many of them. With an Aliexpress coupon code you can benefit from free shipping, % discounts on a seller page, a product page, a category.

To use your discount, go to the AliExpress page of thexpresscoupon and copy/paste the Aliexpress coupon code that suits you. Then make your purchases and choice of items on the official e-commerce site. Once you have made your selection of items, go to the shopping cart and click on "pay" and you will find a box entitled "Aliexpress promo code and coupon". All you have to do is insert your Aliexpress coupon in the corresponding field.

If the Aliexpress promo code is valid, the discount will be applied automatically.

How do discounts and coupons work on AliExpress ?

On the website, there are different ways to navigate so that you can find the best deals or items that meet your needs. At AliExpress, discounts can be cumulative. You can differentiate between the discounts for a product that is applied immediately in the shopping cart without having to use an Aliexpress promo code, the merchant's discounts that are intended for all of the seller's products and finally the AliExpress discounts that are going to be effective on the entire e-commerce site.

Among all the discounts, there are the AliExpress codes. These promotions are the equivalent of promotional codes which are reserved for you and which can make you obtain a reduction on your next orders. Create an account in order to accumulate points and subscribe to the brand's loyalty program.

First, you can find the selection coupons that you will exchange for tokens earned on the AliExpress mobile application games. Be careful, if you cancel or get your order refunded, the selection coupons will not be refunded.

Then, there are seller coupons that are time-limited and apply based on a minimum purchase. You can find them on the product page by clicking on "Get Seller Coupons".

Finally, there are AliExpress coupons that you can use on the whole site which are also time limited and last for a few days. You can find them in the AliExpress coupon section.

Once accumulated, all the coupons will be found in your personal space in the "My coupons" category.

You are not done saving money with AliExpress. For example, in the Super Deals tab, you can discover the best promotions of the day. Be careful, they are in limited quantities. You can also see tomorrow's deals and set up special offer alerts. The Best Sellers tab allows you to obtain the ranking of the best-selling items on the marketplace.

When is the best time to find AliExpress promo codes?

You're right to ask yourself this question because the answer will help you better prepare for big Aliexpress events. The site offers discounts and promo codes all year round that allow you to get products at very interesting prices.

Nevertheless, AliExpress has managed to link its brand to a particular day of the year. This day is AliExpress Single's Day. During this day which will take place on 11.11 of each year, AliExpress puts the package by proposing even crazier reductions than during the rest of the year.

Also, contests are proposed and it is possible to win many vouchers by adding products to your cart. The rest of the Aliexpress bargain events are Black Friday, which is now more and more known in our country, and of course the Christmas holidays. In fact, all the periods of the year are favourable to Aliexpress bargains so don't hesitate to visit this page which is regularly updated in order to propose you the last good deals.

Where to find your AliExpress 2021 coupon code?

Searching for Aliexpress promo codes can sometimes be complex and tiring, especially when they don't work. If you are looking for effective Aliexpress promo code, then you are in the best possible place.

Find all Aliexpress promotions !

To find an AliExpress coupon, you can go directly to the homepage of the site! You will find all the discounts of the moment!

Indeed, on this page of,  updated daily, we put online the latest Aliexpress coupons to save you from having to search for hours elsewhere. You will be able to save time and of course money so take advantage of it! You will find in a few clicks at the same time discounts, promotions, bargains, gifts and the best Aliexpress coupon codes of the moment.

Take advantage of the sales to get great deals on Aliexpress!

At the beginning of this year 2021, sales are taking place everywhere in many stores. AliExpress has also planned some nice surprises for all the bargain seekers. Indeed, the famous marketplace is in full liquidation of its stocks and offers you hundreds of items at 70% off on dozens of categories. Beauty, computers, telephony, electronics... everything is there and you will surely find the item you are looking for. Moreover, you can use an AliExpress promo code to benefit from additional promotions. 

Here are the best offers of the moment:

  • 50% off on DIY
  • 50% off on Phones & Accessories
  • 60% off on electronics

Of course, this does not reflect all the offers available on Aliexpress, we invite you to visit the site to discover them all!

What are the different types of Aliexpress coupons?

If you are a regular user of Aliexpress, you have probably noticed that there are several types of coupon codes on the site which can be confusing. Here are the different types of codes on the site:

Aliexpress coupons: These are the main coupons. You will find them directly on our page and they are generally valid on the whole site.

Selection coupons: On Aliexpress, you will find these coupons in the category "my coupons" on the site. These coupons are only valid on certain specific items. Please note that these coupons are only valid above a certain amount of the shopping cart.

Vendor coupons: These coupons are generally valid on certain stores and valid for a very limited time.