Singles Day Aliexpress 2021: what will be offered this year?

It is the biggest shopping event in China, far ahead of the Western Black Friday. Indeed, the Singles Day is coming back this year on November 11th (11.11) and Aliexpress will be the main participant. Indeed, the market place of the Chinese giant realizes every year a completely hallucinating turnover, surpassing all the other brands and companies of the planet. The reason for the success? Endless offers, novelties galore and hundreds of thousands of gifts to win. Aliexpress positions itself as an affordable market-place where low prices do not necessarily mean low quality.

So this year, for the 2021 edition, you will be able to take advantage of discounts on the whole site and on all categories. The traditional Aliexpress coupons will also be part of the event and will be valid on almost all the site. Fashion, high tech, wellness, car/motorcycle, gadgets, connected home, all categories will be impacted by the crazy offers proposed on the Aliexpress website.

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For the moment, the details of the proposed offers are a bit vague but we will keep you informed as soon as we know more. Moreover, all the promotions of the brand will be published on our website so don't hesitate to take advantage of Singles' Day Aliexpress with an Aliexpress promo code!

What offers to expect for Singles Day Aliexpress 2021?

This year, Aliexpress is preparing some great discounts for its now traditional Singles Day. The Chinese Black Friday will offer you discounts on hundreds of items and categories this year. High tech, fashion, toys, security, beauty, health, there is bound to be an offer that will please you. The expected promotions will exceed 80% discount on the whole site with a large number of Aliexpress coupons for the occasion. Aliexpress will probably offer a warm-up phase a few days before the big day to give you time to prepare your shopping cart and benefit from additional discounts on the day of the event.

Singles Day, a record-breaking day for Aliexpress

It will be back on November 11th, Aliexpress has succeeded in making it its own commercial event, it's Singles Day. Singles Day is the day of singles in China and Aliexpress has managed to link its brand to this event by explaining that singles, if they don't have someone to love, can enjoy themselves by shopping on AliExpress.

Today, Singles Day is the world's best-selling event. For example, in 2018, the site made 4.68 billion euros only 10 years after the start of the commercial operation. At the end of the day, the event will have generated more than 30 billion euros in sales. In comparison, Black Friday generated 5 billion dollars on the day.

How to take advantage of the Singles Day AliExpress?

You will be able to find Aliexpress offers on several sites like our site but also on and These sites are Chinese in origin but some have versions in French or English to facilitate the navigation of international buyers. Moreover, it is now possible to make your purchases via mobile applications such as Alibaba shopping or Aliexpress Shopping. These applications can be downloaded on Google Play and Apple store.

During this Singles Day, you will be offered dozens of discounts on all categories of the site, sometimes reaching -90%.

Aliexpress is doing its best to build up the hype around this event and is trying to make its shopping experience as fun as possible by offering contests and fun interactions on its site, so that you can try to win additional Aliexpress promo codes.

How to prepare for Singles Day in 2021?

This year's Singles Day is the opportunity to treat yourself on Aliexpress and benefit from extraordinary discounts on the whole site. It's the perfect opportunity to get the latest products from your favorite brands like Huawei or Xiaomi. But then, what are the best tips to take advantage of it?
First of all, make a list of the items you want the most and note the price before the promotion. This will help you to better visualize the items that would make you happy and to check on the day if the promotion is interesting or not.
Also prepare a budget that you don't want to exceed in order to avoid unpleasant surprises at the end of the month. It is easy to be tempted on Aliexpress and even more during this special day so be careful!
Finally, try to always use an Aliexpress promo code when you check out so you can always take advantage of the best prices on the site! You'll thank yourself at the end of the month !

Find all Singles Day Aliexpress promotions !